About Us

Premier Crate Hire were the pioneers in introducing removalist crates for Australian corporate moves and crates have been enthusiastically received by removalists and their clients ever since. Used for decades in the UK and USA crates can now make moving easier here in Australia.

Premier Crate Hire are a wholly owned and operated Australian company based in Sydney, comprising a friendly team of dedicated professionals who care about making your next move smooth and easy. With over 100 years of removalist experience we understand how to make moving less stressful for everyone… the answer is crates!

Why take a chance on moving with cardboard boxes? Crates on skates move without heavy muscle or strain making it simple to pack and stack at both ends of the move. And the good news is crates are better for the environment, better on your budget and better for your fragile goods inside.

With over 12,000 crates in store we have plenty of crates on hand to deliver to your door when you need them – a simple and convenient service that will make all the difference to your next move.

Our staff are always available to help you with advice and practical assistance to help better plan your move and make it easier on the day. When it comes to moving, timing is all-important for budgets as well as resources and office down time. The right preparation will always make the moving process more efficient.

At Premier Crate Hire, we have all the equipment you need to smooth your move: small crates, large crates, skates, protective paper & bubble wrap plus address/location labels so your crates go to the right place! Crates are not only perfect for relocating staff & office moves but also for trade shows, corporate functions, tidying stockrooms and storage of equipment.

We offer delivery within 24 hours of ordering your crates and we have flexible hours for collection or return of your equipment.

Smooth your move with Premier Crate Hire!